Allu Aravind: Theatres, OTTs Will Go Parallel

By Satya Cine Aug. 14, 2020, 07:08 pm IST
Allu Aravind: Theatres, OTTs Will Go Parallel

The theatre exhibition system has taken a beating due to the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown measures. All the theatres have been closed for the past 5 months and there is no sign of reopening soon. Senior producer and exhibitor Allu Aravind recently shared his opinions on the theatres and OTTs.

Allu Aravind said that coronavirus has changed the film industry drastically. He said that the audience got habituated to watching content on OTT platforms like never before. He said that people may not flock to the theatres even though they are reopened. He said that audience will prefer to visit the theatres only in the weekends and they will depend on OTTs and TV channels during the weekdays.

He said that OTT platforms have gained popularity among the audience and they will continue to entertain the audience even after the reopening of theatres. He felt that theatres and OTT platforms will have to travel in a parallel way.

Speaking about his OTT app Aha, he said that their app is getting good response from the audience. He said Aha registered downloads more than 40 lakhs till now. He said that they are planning new shows and acquiring new films to increase the content on Aha app.

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