All Is Well Between Bandla, Harish Shankar!

By Satya Cine Jul. 10, 2020, 03:18 pm IST
All Is Well Between Bandla, Harish Shankar!

Everybody is aware of the Harish Shankar Vs Bandla Ganesh episode that happened a couple of months ago. On the occasion of #8YearsOfGabbarSingh, Harish thanked everybody but he didn't mention the name of the producer Bandla Ganesh. When Bandla was asked about his reaction by a reporter, he made some serious comments. Harish Shankar gave the retort in his own style. Even PVP also entered the scene and blasted Bandla at that time.

Now, everything seems to have subsided and all is well. Bandla Ganesh recently gave an interview after recovering from Covid-19. When the interviewer asked about his differences with Harish Shankar and is he ready to make a film with him in the future, he said that "That's like a small fight between brothers. He is a good director. If a big director like him gives me an opportunity, why shouldn't I make a film? I made those comments in a fit of rage. It is like shouting at my wife, and children. Sometimes I get angry with my mother and don't speak for a couple of days. That doesn't mean our relationship is broken. We are like brothers, and it all happened because of egos. Its a waste of time to think about it."

When a netizen tagged the video and asked for the reaction of Harish, he tweeted "I always respect @ganeshbandla, not only for Gabbar Singh but even before Mirapakaay also he was ready to do a film with me. Happy for his recovery." Both of them have put a full stop to the episode by speaking a few good words.

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