A2A (Ameerpet to America) Actor Vamsi Koduri Interview

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A2A (Ameerpet to America) Actor Vamsi Koduri Interview

1.What is your background?
I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I came to the U.S after my engineering, pursued my MBA and have been in the IT industry working as Project Manager for Oracle. Watching movies was/is my favorite pastime. The influence of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and Mr. Chiranjeevi movies was the seed towards my interest towards art that eventually turned out to be my passion. 

2.What led you in to films?
Long Story but I will do my best  I had a dream, 18 years ago. A dream to become an actor. Like I said, I was heavily inspired by the movies and personal struggles of Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and Mr. Chiranjeevi. I took them too serious and made up my mind for acting and began my acting voyage. It took a long time to realize that Film Industry for outsiders is a mirage (back then). Yet, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I was happy as I was working as ‘extra’ back ground artist for the superstars films. I got to see them every day for that period of work, observe them, learn film making process and earn pocket money. Cut to America, years later I am still writing, acting, directing short films and in the process A2A (Ameerpet to America) happened.

3.Tell us about your short films
I have acted, directed and produced number of short films from comedy to horror to festive to message oriented.  I have been a part of projects produced by New York Film Academy (NYFA) at Harvard and School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). My most recent short film- THE LIST is much acclaimed and was nominated for several film festivals in the U.S  

4.A2A, the title sounds catchy. What is this movie A2A (Ameerpet to America) all about? 
I agree, A2A is catchy. It was my producer’s idea and I think it’s completely apt for our story.  It’s about few enthusiastic students from Ameerpet who wanted to pursue their Masters in America. Their expedition unfolds various elements in each of their lives. It showcases student struggles in the glittery America in an entertaining way. It has strong emotions, racism, love and friendship culminating in an emotional climax.

5.Does the movie has any message?
Yes, it does but the message is in the back layers in a subtle way. Although its delivered in a strong way towards the climax. I think it connects with the audience as its relevant to current times.

6.What is the most difficult scene for you in this film?
 It’s the most crucial scene of the entire movie that comes towards the climax. I had too many thoughts running in my mind on how to perform that scene and I believe I did as natural as possible. There is also another scene with many lines and I had to do it in a single take. That’s my favorite.

7.How did you prepare for this film as an actor?
I’m a director’s actor. I submit to the director while I also try to bring substance and creativity to the scene.  I always try to get to the skin of the character to the best of my ability be it a short film or a feature film. With an open mind and the workshop that we had 1 week before actual shoot, I understood the nuances of my character and tried to infuse life in it

8.What did you learn as an actor through this movie?
This being my debut film, it was a holistic discovery of my own skill set. I mean learning lines at a short notice along with improvising them, reacting correctly without showing anticipation and acting like you are picking those lines for the first time

9.Who are your other co-stars in the movie and how was your experience working with them?
There are many new comers in this film and it was great working with each one of them while having fun on the sets. We all lived together for close to a month at the time of shooting and that helped in building the bond that I think translated on screen.

10.Tell us about the songs
Mr. Karthik Kodakandla did the music and I must admit he did a pretty good job. I think you will agree with me if you listen to the songs. I’m curious to see how the background score has come.

11.How was it working with stalwarts like Bharani garu and Bramhanandam garu in your debut?
I do not have combination scenes with them but veteran actor Mr. Sammetta Gandhi played my father character and our scenes have come out very well. Watching Bharani garu performing and improvising scenes was a learning experience.

12.How was it working with the director?
It was good. Director Bhanu Kiran Challa helped me understand the character very well and guided me enough in dialogue delivery that’s required by the character

13.Tell us about your producer Ram Mohan Komanduri
Like you see in the posters, he is the Kartha, Karma and Kriya for this project. I like his perseverance in executing this project while providing his creative inputs all the time.

14.What do you enjoy most about acting?
It gives me high. Being able to pursue what I love motivates me and I enjoy the whole process of acting and film making.

15.What kind of roles/Characters you are looking for?
I am up for challenging, out of the box roles that showcases my acting prowess. I am very comfortable with long lines as well as subtle acting. I love emotional characters.

You can reach Vamsi Koduri- koduri.vamsi@gmail.com;  www.vamsikoduri.weebly.com 
617.281.5141 (Mobile)- Many thanks to idream media for encouraging a new talent like me

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