A Beautiful Story Behind Lalitha Priya Kamalam - Nostalgia

By Satya Cine Mar. 10, 2020, 08:35 pm IST
A Beautiful Story Behind Lalitha Priya Kamalam - Nostalgia

Maestro Ilaiyaraaja Music Concert was held in New Jersey, the USA in 2013. It was a grand success at that time. Interesting conversations happened in between the live performances by veteran singers.  

After singing Lalitha Priya Kamalam song along with Chitra, Balasubramanyam said, "I don't know classical music.  When I was a kid I listened to a Hindi song composed by Naushad ji. It was from the movie 'Leader'.  I remember that song when I was singing Lalitha Priya Kamalam".  He said the Telugu song was sung by KJ. Yesudas and Tamil version was sung by him.  Then he sang Naushad's song - 'Ek Shehen Shah ne banwaake haseen Tajmahal'.

Ilaiyaraaja listened to that song attentively and said, "That song has a different note but Lalitha Priya Kamalam song was composed in Lalitha Priya raga."  Then, he went on to share a behind the scene story of the Lalitha Priya Kamalam song.  

He said, "The song situation goes like this. Hero meets heroine two-three times but he doesn't know her name. When hero aks her the name, she sings a raga and goes away without revealing it.  Director Balachander garu explained the situation and asked me to compose the song in a raga of my choice. But his condition was a female name should be there in the name of the raga. He said to me that he will finalize the same name to the heroine character."

He continued, "I composed this song in Lalitha Priya raga. Balachander garu named the heroine as Lalitha Priya." The crowd was thrilled to know the beautiful story behind name of Shobana in 'Rudra Veena' from none other than the Maestro himself.  Needless to say, he was cheered with claps.  

Then he went on to sing the keertana, "Hiranmayeem Lakshmeem sadaa bhajami yenamanavaashrayam Tyajami - Hiranmayeem" to conclude the beautiful story. He said he doesn't know Carnatic, so he sang it in lighter way.  The crowd appreciated him once again with their loud cheers.

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