10 Reasons why you shouldn't watch Game of thrones

By Bharath Kvt Feb. 23, 2018, 12:23 pm IST
10 Reasons why you shouldn't watch Game of thrones

#1 The story is simply awesome

And when you witness a narrative this compelling it would leave your taste buds wanting more and all we have left to watch after witnessing that is bigg boss and sasural simar Ka.

#2 because you'll witness something called character arc

And then you'll have to watch classic Indian Bollywood movie where characters are there just because of comedic relief and then you can't just let yourself into an ordinary movie anymore.

#3 because you can't love any character

And if you even by mistake fall in love with the character dying would be the most simple way for them I'd say. From ed stark to hodor everybody we ever loved has died in the most the creative way you can think of, and with a show with more then 30000 dead there's not even 3 proper funerals and let's not talk about marriages here shall we.

#4 the wait is soooo real

It might be the only series which ends with a bang leaving u wanting more and more and the whole idea of waiting to watch what happens until one year I'm telling you it's definitely not worth it especially when YouTube is filled with thoeries of what's going to happen next ahem..R+L=J

#5 because the villians are so natural that u cringe over them.

Believe me when I say cringier the villain the happier you are when someone kills them, and great villains make greater shows( only greater NOT stronger villains though we know what happened in superman vs batman) watching a series with such great villains and then watching movies where villains exist Because, there has to be a climax scene you'll definitely not be able to digest a lot of movies. OK a quick quiz how many Indian names except mogambo flash in your mind when I say great villains.
See there's your answer.

#6 because it supports women empowerment not even equal Queens

After watching the ladies going and kicking some asses and grooming dragons like it's her babies, and then turning on to another channel to see 12 year old boy stalking a 18 yo girl in a TV show. Point being let's just not gets our hopes high and think that even something like women empowerment is possible by watching a show set in medievial times. Bro, it's clearly not worth it.

#7 it has some cool one liners and God can you forget them!!

From "valar morghulis" to "winter is coming" from "A lannister always pays his debts" to "u know nothing jon snow"
It has every kind of one liners u ever wanted to every kind of situation and it makes your wait for the next season even more long and you end up watching all the seasons again in loop. Such a waste of time

#8 because spoiler alert

With the fear that we'll end up getting any spoilers, we watch it in the morning itself even if it means getting late to office or bunking the college for that day . Is it really worth it getting up at 7:30 in the morning with half open eyes waiting for the server's to open and having beer without even brushing ( haan haan subha subha Kaun peeta hai beer wahi na, lemme tell you one thing game of thrones and beer best combo ever try it then judge me) all I'm saying is, is it all worth it just for a show.

#9 because it's frikkin badass

Let's just accept this,game of thrones is the best frikkin show ever. Period. All I'm worried is if it's over and no other show after it is even close enough to even catch up on it "toh humara Kya hoga Bhai" no I don't want to go through that phase that I went through after friends. Binge watching all seasons year after year. Let's just not develop emotions towards it and then see the actors grow old and miss those old days we used to watch the show with our friends. Let's just not go through that phase altogether.

#10 God you're still here what more reason do you want to not watch  just go figging watch it you’ll know why they are’nt any.


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